TURF Volunteer

We are always looking for help both leading our horses and side-walking with clients during hippotherapy sessions.  No horse experience necessary - we can teach you! We also welcome individuals assisting in grooming our herd and photographers helping to capture the fun to share with rider families, as well as track progress.


SURF Volunteer

Come join us in the line-up or on the beach! Volunteers help with getting kids ready to surf including donning wetsuits and lifejackets, setting up and cleaning up equipment, and ensuring client safety during transition to the water. For individuals comfortable in the water please join us in the line-up and photographers come shoot with our water housing so parents can see the action up close.


Ready to get started?

Give us a call at (949) 312-7227 or email at jillian@surfandturftherapy.org to get on the schedule.

We also welcome volunteers with other special skills- such as marketing, videography/editing, photography,  accounting, surfboard repair, the list is endless - let us know how you are interested in contributing!