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Surf and turf therapy provides therapy services targeting traditional, functional goals using non-traditional approaches, including surfing, horseback riding and community-based activities. These unique approaches offer unparalleled opportunities to address deficits in strength, stability, body awareness, coordination, safety awareness, tone management, flexibility, attention and sensory integration. The focus of treatment is to improve daily life skills, such as walking, postural alignment, talking, and writing, rather than simply teaching individuals how to surf or ride.

Family and friends are invited to join in treatment sessions, with therapy emphasizing functional, fun, and inclusion-based treatment approaches.


Surf and Turf Therapy is an organization committed to bettering lives through non-traditional therapeutic activities.



Surf and Turf Therapy will set the standard for integrated therapy services by providing clinical excellence and personalized care, while making alternative therapies proven and reputable therapeutic forms.

501(c)3 non-profit to provide therapy services for all individuals, regardless of financial need. 

TIN 84-2094103

Young girl riding Bella the therapy pony for physical therapy treatment session using hippotherapy

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501(c)3 - TIN 84-2094103

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